Omakase Burger, Turf City

Isn’t it just beautiful?

Hello everyone, Merry (third day of) Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas this year. I had a pretty good one – in fact, I enjoyed the simple, yummy lunch I had on Christmas Day itself so much that I decided to churn out a quick post about it.

Headed to Omakase (Japanese for “Chef’s choice” or “let the chef decide”) Burger on Tuesday with the boyfriend after hearing good things about it. This joint claims to make the best US burgers, using only fresh, quality ingredients including USDA Choice-grade beef and imported real American cheese. It seems that the owners were inspired from having ‘travelled coast to coast’  in the US, ‘tasting any burger that was worth trying’, and embracing the ‘better burger movement’.

A burger bursting with juicy goodness

I don’t know about it being the ‘best’ burger, but win me over they did, with a juicy, scrumptious beef patty, and fluffy, buttery buns for my Omakase Deluxe Cheeseburger (which was essentially the basic Omakase Cheeseburger topped with grilled mushrooms and onions – there are also versions with bacon, and with all the works). I loved how the burger was incredibly bursting with juices and flavour, not the usual dry and hard sort of patty.

Moreover it was pink inside, and pink on beef is such a marvelous sight. It was also well complemented by a unique and tangy ‘Omakase’ house sauce. The nicely grilled mushrooms and onions also added to the overall taste experience, and made it quite the ‘umami bomb’ as aptly described on the menu.

The Omakase Chicken Sandwich and Onion Rings

The bf didn’t really like his Chicken Sandwich though – he said it was very run-of-the-mill. I had a bite and well, it was okay. It did have the same soft and buttery bun, and a fairly tasty and not too processed seeming meat but other than that, it wasn’t particularly memorable. Though at least, as Omakase says, it’s fresh, never frozen chicken, which is a plus.

For sides, we had the Sweet Potato Fries and the Onion Rings. These were just brilliant.

The Deluxe Cheeseburger with the Sweet Potato Fries – which were amazing

The former were done just right – crispy on the outside but moist and soft inside, and not too salty too. Simply lovely! And the huge battered and fried rings of onion were really nice, not too sharp, oily or hard. They were similarly crispy outside and moist and soft inside.

I also rather liked the Home-made Lemonade that provided a serious kick – found it a little bit sour at first but really enjoyed it after a few sips.

The punchy lemonade at Omakase Burger

It may seem a little on the steep side for burgers (approximately S$20-$30 for a meal; the full menu with prices can be found on their website) but I’d say it’s pretty worth it, especially when you feel like having a satisfying US-burgers-and-fries kind of treat!

The menu also features a classic Root Beer Float and Truffle Fries – which I’d be happy to go back and try. And perhaps the Omakase Bacon or Ultimate Cheeseburger too. Noms.

A nice, casual environment to enjoy a burger or two

Located within Turf City in the Bukit Timah area, Omakase Burger is away from the hustle-and-bustle of town and has a simple, fresh and naturally lit environment which is relaxing and comfortable.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand, #01-05
Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 6763 2698
Open for lunch at 11.30am to 3.30pm and for dinner at 5.00pm to 9.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and from 11.00am to 10.00pm on Fridays to Sundays. Last orders at half an hour before closing time.


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