Privé Restaurant, Keppel Bay

I was tasked to pick a nice place for a farewell lunch near the Alexandra area, and Privé came to mind. So off we went for a weekday executive set lunch at this restaurant.

Inside the Prive restaurant

The ambience and decor were rather nice, posh, clean and peaceful. It is a little hard to find though as it’s tucked away in a corner of Keppel Island, past the Privé Cafe and Waterfront Bar, but I guess the seclusion makes it a more conducive environment for conversation and peaceful enjoyment of food.

The bread and appetizers

I was however a tad bit disappointed in the food. It was not bad, quite alright – but I guess from its reputation, décor and price, I had expected better. The bread was pretty so-so, the mushroom rocket salad was quite tasty but the poached egg was, in my opinion, rather hard and overcooked. Perhaps it’s just me, but I like the yolk to be at least a little bit runny. The prawn (with tomato chutney I believe) was again, nice but rather pedestrian.

The steak

The steak was also, I felt, not too bad but not quite juicy enough and just run-of-the-mill – not particularly special. The sauce accompanying it didn’t help either, as it was an unimpressive brown looking and tasting liquid.

The fish

The fish had more interesting flavours (I’ve unfortunately forgotten what they were), but I personally didn’t quite like the way they melded together – it did not strike me as very complementary.

The pear strudel and sorbet, and the brownie with ice cream

The desserts fared better – our guest raved about the pear strudel with pear sorbet, and the nougat brownie with vanilla bean ice cream was pretty delicious too. But then again, I’ve had better ones elsewhere.

So anyway, the food is overall quite decent, the ambience and service classy and attentive – which makes this a fairly suitable place for a business lunch, or small cosy catch up gatherings for non-foodies. However if you absolutely love food, and this element has to be the star of your dining experience, then I personally wouldn’t really recommend the Privé Restaurant in that aspect.

I do want to try the Privé Cafe though – have heard good things about it!

*Note: The restaurant seems to have changed its name to’Privé Grill’ instead of ‘Privé Restaurant’, so do take note if you want to try it. And perhaps the concept and menus offered etc might have been revamped too.

Privé Restaurant
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Tel: +65 6776 0777
Open 12pm to 3pm and 7pm to 11.30pm from Mon to Fri, 7pm to 11.30pm on Saturdays and Eve of Public Holidays, and closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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