Basilico, The Regent Singapore

The entrance to Basilico

So I heard from somewhere, that there exists an Italian cuisine buffet in Singapore that had parma ham, rock melon, gorgeous pastas and even foie gras. And of course, I just had to pay this place a visit. So for my birthday earlier this year, I chose to go to Basilico at Regent Hotel for a nice lunch.

Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed that the spread of items was really quite generous – from a wide variety of cold cuts and fresh seafood, to roasted greens, meats, fish, stews and pastas and of course, a comprehensive dessert station.

The centrepiece, where some of the dishes were placed

So the things I tried were mainly – for appetizers, the parma ham and rock melon, beef carpaccio, roasted zucchinis and asparagus, some smoked salmon, seared tuna, and prawn / mussel salad. Overall, these were all pretty good – though nothing in particular really stood out.

However I did appreciate the free flow of parma ham and fresh rock melon; it was an amazing combination of sweet and savoury and was definitely pleasing to the palate. You have to choose your melons well though, to make sure that you get the just nicely ripened ones. These were all laid out nicely around a giant centrepiece in the restaurant, along with an antipasti counter of cold cuts and olives etc.

Some of the appetizers I had

There were some soups too, but I don’t have pictures of these. These were not bad. And actually, I believe there was also a small local spread near the soups and cooked food, but I completely ignored this as I was there mainly for the Italian spread.

For mains, there was some pretty good baked salmon with crispy skin and soft flesh, aglio olio (spicy, but delicious), seafood ravioli (not too bad), lamb stew (delightful!), beef tenderloin (could be more tender), and assorted roasted vegetables (which I just love).

Some of the pastas and meats

There was also a station with some cooked meats, where a huge hunk of rather rare (the way I like it) lamb resided – which the chefs were slicing pieces from. Check out my nice pink piece! There was crispy pork belly as well, which was gooood too but the slices were too big and fatty so I just took some from my lunch companion.

And I don’t have pictures of this, but there was also a cheese station, that had a good variety of fresh cheeses and crackers to go with it. Appreciated and really enjoyed this as it was quite a nice savoury and delicate addition to a rich, hearty meal.

On to the dessert station! But by that time, we were immensely stuffed – and so opted to go for the less heavy desserts (there was bread and butter pudding, and many bread-based, carb heavy desserts) like the gelato and a chocolate mousse and a fruit jelly. Oh and the gelato counter also had a friendly member of the staff to help you scoop up the delicious, creamy homemade gelato (at least, I think it was homemade), so that was a nice touch too. There was a good variety of toppings as well, and I chose chocolate sauce and balls, as well as some sliced almonds (totally love these).

Some of the (many) desserts available at the Basilico lunch buffet

Wished that I took more pictures – but I was totally absorbed with eating! Overall the quality of the food is pretty good, and although you could probably find better pastas or meats in other high end Italian restaurants, Basilico offers an eat-to-your-heart’s-content fine Italian spread for only around $50 per pax. So if you ever get a burning desire to stuff yourself with Italian food; my friends, this is it.

The prices might have changed, but if they haven’t, the lunch buffet should be about $42++ on weekdays – and it seems there’s a Sunday brunch option at $69++ with coffee, tea and juices (costs more with champagne/prosecco). I was a bit disappointed that there was no foie gras, but it could be because it’s only available during the weekends. Think I shall go back there sometime, perhaps on a weekend!

1 Cuscaden Road, Level 2
The Regent Singapore
Tel: +65 725 3232
Opens from 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch, 6.30pm to 10pm for dinner
Sunday brunch from 12pm to 3pm


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