Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill, Tanjong Katong Road

An unassuming little Italian eatery in Katong, but oh, what delightful and hearty meals they serve.

The simple and cheery interior

Sometime last year on a Tuesday evening, the boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll around the area looking for food and happened to see this place. It was pretty quiet – there weren’t many people there so we didn’t have to wait for a table and service was quick.

And when the food came, what a surprise we had. The dishes we ordered were pretty amazing!

Look at his fork and knife poised to dig in!

So he had one of the classic Italian type pizzas – prosciutto, arugula and I forgot which cheese, parmesan I think. Which he said was delicious – I tried a little and concur – the crust was thin and crisp, the rocket fresh and the ham suitably savoury. The portion was really generous too.

The lovely tomato cream scallop linguine

But what was really awesome, was my tomato cream sauce scallop linguine. Oh-my-goodness. The scallops were cooked perfectly – well charred on the outside and full of rich, tasty flavour on the inside – unlike some which are bland inside and don’t taste like anything at all. Each bite of these scallops produced a happy, juicy experience. And the tomato sauce was thick, creamy and the perfect combination of sweet and savoury at the same time. Very delicious, hearty and satisfying.

Here’s a close-up… yum

Each pizza / pasta dish was about SGD$22 to $28++, I believe.

I had a lovely time, and would definitely go back there again, especially when I have one of those cravings for a good, satisfying pasta. And you should consider it too if you ever get that sort of craving!


Bruno’s Pizzeria and Grill
338 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6440 4525


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