Philips MyKitchen Event

Okay firstly, a disclaimer – I work in PR and I was helping to run this event, so I suppose I do have a vested interest in this. However, any views expressed here are purely my own.

So anywayyy. Philips held a media event yesterday for the launch of their MyKitchen website, a comprehensive online recipe resource where people can visit to find recipes for every occassion. There are 11 search parameters so you can easily search by type of ingredient/style of cooking/dietary needs/theme etc.

Just wanted to post up this super cute cupcake that the chefs at So EZ Cooking Playground taught the media attendees to make. I totally feel inspired to go out and buy some cookie cutters and make some of my own baked goodies. Mmm!

If you have an upcoming party and want to whip up something special (and homemade), do visit the Philips MyKitchen website for some tips 😉 Or you can also get the recipe for the Chocolate Cherries Cupcake with a tinge of rum, and topped with a Honey Cinnamon Cookie that’s shown above from there!

Anyway, I’ve decided to blog more here from now on, so more reviews will be coming up soon (Forlino, Forty Hands, Strictly Pancakes and some others).

I love food! 🙂


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