Les Bouchons Rive Gauche, Robertson Quay

Arguably one of the best steaks I have had in Singapore

The standard offering

So I went to Les Bouchons about 2 months back, after wanting to sample their steak for the longest time. Have heard lots of good (and bad) things about the place, but went there with an open mind.

And man, the steak is GOOD. Juicy, succulent and flavourful, it certainly did not disappoint – I feel that a steak is considered an awesome one when it oozes with flavour and natural meaty juices when you bite into a piece, and is firm but not too chewy. The herb butter on the top just made it that much more delicious. Oh how I love steak. The portion was also quite generous; and if you’re a huge eater, have no fear because the crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside free flow fries will definitely fill you up.

Almost forgot to say, because I thought it would be pretty obvious, but I ordered mine medium rare (that is THE only way steak should be eaten, imho).  And was very pleased when my steak was not overcooked (many restaurants do that, sigh), and was beautifully pink inside… that makes me so very happy!

Aren’t the pink insides just GORGEOUS? 🙂

I believe the standard steak frites costs about SGD$32.90++.

The bf and some other friends ordered the mega version, which was about SGD$45++ I think, which was of a better grade / cut, and it was so huge that it filled the whole plate!

Mega steak

All steak orders also come with a salad as an appetizer – perhaps to neutralise all that meat? The salad was nice, but normal.

The greens

Service was very standard – didn’t notice anything particularly good or bad about it. The riverside ambience was pretty delightful.

Anyway, the point is, I really enjoyed the steak. Très satisfying!

*Added: By the way, there is another outlet at Ann Siang Hill too. Both are not very large, so do try to make reservations to guarantee yourselves a table! 🙂

Les Bouchons Rive Gauche
41 Robertson Quay #01-01
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Tel: 6733 4414


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