Otto Ristorante, Red Dot Traffic

Out of the blue, the boyfriend decides we should go somewhere nice for lunch for a change. And off to Otto we went on a whim, at a recommendation of a friend, who said that the food is good and the lunch set is affordable.

The interior

So we decided to have the lunch set ($35++).

The amuse bouche was a piece of smoked salmon with herbs – tasty but not fantastic.

Amuse bouche

For starters, he had the Roast Beef Carpaccio and I had the Soup of the Day (Cream of Broccoli). The carpaccio was quite delightful – savoury with the taste of meat and with a tangy kind of sauce on it. The soup was not too creamy and retained the essence of the broccoli.

Roast Beef Carpaccio
Cream of Broccoli

So far, it was overall a nice pleasant lunch, with good service and quality food, but somehow, wasn’t too impressed with the taste yet. I did really appreciate the home-made bread which they gave generously, from a basket many varieties displayed. Almost as good as a cheese trolley… almost.

Fresh homemade bread!

And on to the main courses; he had the Roast Chicken Stuffed with Peppers and I had the Sea Bass – for which unfortunately, I have forgotten the style of cooking. Seems to me it was braised / steamed / broiled though!

Roast Chicken with Peppers
Sea Bass

I think the food was pretty well done, giving off the kind of ‘cooked for just the right amount of time, using good ingredients’ kind of feel. Chicken not too dry, fish not too crumbly.

Desserts were ice cream and blue cheese panna cotta, the latter being a TOTAL AND COMPLETE MISTAKE. I think only fans of blue cheese would appreciate it, and me being a total moron, thought I’d try the exciting looking item, only to be absolutely horrified upon the first spoonful I happily stuck into my mouth. Shudder. It has put me off blue cheese, more or less for good.

Chocolate and Pistachio Ice Cream
Gorgonzola Panna Cotta

All in all, I’d say that the quality is just what you would expect from a fine dining establishment – good service and food. However, I think it was good, but not great. Didn’t feel like super happy after eating there, the feeling that some places do induce.

But maybe because it was just the lunch set, and not representative of the restaurant as a whole. Worth a try though!


Otto Ristorante
28 Maxwell Road, #01-02
Red Dot Traffic Building
Singapore 069120
Tel: 6227 6819


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