White Wine, Tiramisu and Mango

Gusttimo di Roma, ION Orchard

A part alfresco dining cafe, part air-conditioned gelateria, Gusttimo di Roma is situated in the heart of the city at the the newest shopping megamall of Singapore, ION Orchard.

My first impression was – wow, there are SO many flavours to choose from!

Strawberry, Mint and Dark Chocolate

So the first time I went there, I had Strawberry (Fragola), Mint (Menta), and Dark Chocolate (Cioccolato). It was so hard to choose; there were TONS of flavours, ranging from the wacky ones (Black Rice?!) to the classic (Plain Yoghurt). Having been to Italy and possibly eaten my weight’s worth in gelato over the 5 days I was there (okay fine, I probably exaggerate, but it was at least like 4 scoops a day or something), I wasn’t really expecting a fantastic experience. Because hey, what can beat gelato in Italy, right?

And drumroll…… yeah, it couldn’t beat Italy’s fresh, creamy, tongue-orgasm gelatos. But, I do think that it is pretty good for Singapore standards (compared to all the other gelatos here), and that I would definitely go back there for more. And at S$5.90 for 3 pretty generous scoops of gelato, I think that’s quite reasonable. Though if you’re a small eater, that might be a problem because that’s the smallest size available.

But anyway, I’ve digressed enough, and on to the taste.

White Wine, Tiramisu and Mango
White Wine, Tiramisu and Mango

The gelato was rich and flavourful – the Mango especially, was delicious – it had the taste of fresh mangoes and was not too sweet or powdery, the way synthetic mango syrups tend to be. The White Wine and Tiramisu were absolutely satisfying as well, creamy and true to its flavour, which made me savour these tastes in my mouth. It was like an explosion of icy cold heaven. But anyway, for the Strawberry, Mint and Dark Chocolate, the latter 2 were yummy but very normal, and the strawberry was… kind of strange.

The nice counter staff also let me taste a whole range of flavours and was really helpful, as I couldn’t decide which flavour to choose. I must say, Black Rice actually tastes much better than it sounds, and on the opposite end, Pecans+Brownie doesn’t taste as good as it sounds.

But anyway, it’s worth a try. And the outdoor atmosphere is pretty nice too – good for a chill, relaxing session with friends, over some gelato, or coffee!

I’ll probably go back sometime for more gelato, or perhaps, try the food.


Gusttimmo di Roma
2 Orchard Road
#1-15 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 9380
Website: http://www.gusttimo.com.sg/


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