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Shucks. Getting a proper office job is seriously impeding my online life quite a bit – I now hardly have time to blog or post things on Facebook. But anyway – here are some (rather grainy, I apologize) pictures+quick reviews from some nice meals with friends. Really should start bringing a small point-and-shoot around…!

First up is – Food for Thought (

Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich
Honey Mustard Smoked Duck Salad

The contenders are – the Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich, the Honey Mustard Smoked Duck Salad, and the Watermelon Mint and Lychee Sage Freezes. I must say the smoked duck salad was probably the winner for me. Having heard great things about the pulled pork, it somehow didn’t really do it for me. Not enough oomph? I guess I like pork to have more sauce/juice. But then, it was good in the sense that it was light and not over sauced or overbearing, and the pumpkins in it helped to add to that as well.

The smoked duck tasted strangely like ham, but was nice and tasty and went really well with the honey mustard and I love that they put capsicum and fresh orange pieces in the salad. And the watermelon mint freeze was just delightful! Refreshing and minty, mmm. Can’t say the same for the lychee sage though – the sweet canned lychee flavour was too strong in this one, and couldn’t really taste the sage.

One thing I must commend them for though, is the great service and the cosy atmosphere. We sat at the counter, so we were right in front of the kitchen. The chef came up to us to ask us how the food was, took our feedback with a smile (even though I was telling them the lychee freeze was too sweet), and was just really nice and polite and friendly.

To me, that is really what differentiates normal restaurants – if the food is pretty good all round, I’ll pick the one with better service because at least I’ll leave happy! Not that atas restaurants with fantastic food ought to give bad service, even though people will probably still go if the food is great, anyway. But I digress.

And I love that Food for Thought is somewhat of a small, indie eatery which aims to be a social enterprise of sorts. Just check out the website (address above), and you’ll know what I mean!

Approximately $15/person.

Next – Men-Tei Ramen, 61 Robinson Road

Tonkotsu Ramen

Actually there isn’t much to say on this – it’s just pretty good/decent ramen and the only pretty good/decent one in Shenton Way, so we went there to eat. The soup base for this one boils for approximately 9 hours with pork bones and spices before serving, so supposed to be like really awesome, lol. But ok, must admit it was quite nice – light but tasty, and not too heavy.

Approximately $14-$16 nett a bowl.

Finally, P.S. Cafe, Palais Renaissance (this is shaping up to be a rather long post haha)

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Leeks
Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Leeks
Caesar Salad with Grilled King Prawns

Simply put, everything was Yummy with a capital Y, but gosh is that place pricey :/ the scallops, an appetizer, was $22, and the salad, $28. So good though – the scallops were plump and juicy, on a bed of leeks and green jelly-like Japanese seaweed and covered with some sort of fish floss of sorts. With some sort of tasty Japanese sauce too. So good.

The caesar salad had a gorgeous poached egg in it, and I liked that the croutons were really big and crunchy, and that they used proper shavings of parmesan cheese (not processed ones which come in tiny rectangle pieces). The prawn juice kind of added to the tastiness of the salad too. My friend’s Japanese-type tuna salad with tofu and some other stuff looked really delicious too – had a bite of the semi-raw tuna and it was heaven.

But yes, only on days when you feel in the red.

Man is this a long post. But need to give my food blog some love! 🙂

Caesar Salad with Grilled King Prawns

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