Cedele, Wheelock Place

I’d like to say that this Cedele is one of my favourite places to eat in Singapore, and that I go there often. However, in actual fact I’ve only been there about 4-5 times, and usually only eat one type of food. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy the semi-healthy, feel good food they serve there, and would like to keep re-visiting it.

Don’t have many pictures of the food, as I neglected to bring my camera there the last few times.

Grilled chicken salad with lemongrass sambal
Grilled chicken salad with lemongrass sambal

This above is the Chicken Masak Merah Salad.

Cedele has a variety of grilled salad meals where meat/seafood/vegetables are grilled and then paired with a generous helping of mixed salad leaves and sunflower/pumpkin seeds, and herb/vinaigrette type dressings. If you are the type who likes the fruity or summery variety then I guess this is not really very suitable.

But I like all types, and so far they have not disappointed. Prawn + avocado + citrus vinaigrette + mesclun = absolutely delicious!

And the lemongrass sambal they use in the masak merah items in the menu is really tasty as well – the lemongrass taste isn’t that strong, and the sambal not too spicy; it gives just the right kick of spice and concentrates more on the savoury.


The blueberry pancakes a friend had there were pretty yummy too!

I guess places like these with a large variety of ‘wholesome’ type foods just make me happy. Brunch/lunch there on a Sunday/public holiday afternoon and then coffee afterwards at a cafe is so relaxing and chill… wish I could do this more often!


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