Bistro Petit Salut, Chip Bee Gardens

Bistro Petit Salut, c’est superb!

Cosy restaurant

To celebrate my bf’s birthday, I decided to take him to Bistro Petit Salut, a cosy little French restaurant at the Chip Bee stretch behind Holland Village. The sister (or poorer cousin?) of the classier (and more expensive) Au Petit Salut, it was surprisingly good, with prompt, polite and friendly service, and delicious, reasonably-priced food.

The lobster starter mmm
The lobster starter mmm
The consomme
The consomme

The starters were a lobster and beetroot salad thing (Citibank set meal promo), and a lobster consomme (normal set meal). Found the lobster to be fairly fresh and tasty – not powdery – and while I don’t really eat beetroot, I decided that the taste went well with the lobster. The consomme was normal, but good at that point because I was feeling a bit queasy. It came with a cute little ravioli thing which I think was filled with lobster and tomato – savoury and tasty.

Mussels! :D
Mussels! 😀

The Citibank set came with 2 entrées, the second being mussels cooked in white wine and Provençal herbs. At first the sauce tasted kinda funny, but as we ate, it kinda grew on us. Ended up scooping the sauce to drink after the mussels were long gone, lol. Reminds me of France, seriously.

Angus steak
Angus steak
My yummy sirloin steak

Being the carnivores we were, both of us had steak. Had a bite of the bf’s angus steak – thought it was alright, not too bad, but I’m really not a fan of medium done steaks, so. He thought it was a bit salty. On the other hand, I was completely in love with my steak! Lovely, red, juicy steak with caramelized onions and bearnaise sauce; it was so tender and flavourful such that I savoured every bite. MMM!

Profiteroles :)
Profiteroles 🙂

His chocolate mousse (I think) cake with berries and lemon sorbet was rather nice – the sorbet lent a refreshing taste to the moist and slightly bittersweet chocolate. My choux buns with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds were splendid – a sweet, cold and crunchy end to the meal. So totally wonderful.

T’was a great experience and I would definitely go back! At $48++ and $38++ for the Citibank and normal sets respectively, it’s really quite reasonable and value for money. Must also once again commend them for the good service – it’s getting kind of rare in Singapore these days.


Bistro Petit Salut (Chip Bee Gardens)
#01-54, 44 Jalan Merah Saga
Singapore 278116
Tel: 6474 9788


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