Klee, Portsdown Road (Closed)

The ol' building-on-a-hill concept
The ol’ building-on-a-hill concept

This is totally my favouritest bar in Singapore, EVER.

With  a superbly chill-out ambience in an old house on a secluded little hill in Portsdown, this bar does not have a paper menu. Instead, it has well-spoken bartenders asking you what kind of tastes you like, and then mixing up a fresh fruit cocktail based on your preferences.  A cosy, intimate type of setting – you sit at the bar and chat with the bartender, who mixes your drink right in front of you, then serves it straight to you.

Oh and how I LOVE the way the fresh fruits mingle with the alcohol and coaxes it to be less overbearing – this bar uses ONLY fresh fruits as mixers.

Passionfruit mojito
Passionfruit mojito

So friend had the passionfruit mojito (which was more photogenic) and I had a strawberry amaretto sour. I’m not sure how to even describe the flavours, but they went really well together! There were chunks of fresh strawberries in my drink, flavoured by the almond-y taste of the amaretto. Totally yummy. And it’s hard to impress me with cocktails because I don’t really like the taste of bad alcohol and cheap cocktails with fake sweetener and syrup – just makes it taste even worse.


And the bar was soomeething else. It had a super wide variety of alcohols and was so colourful bright and pretty. The place even has a grand piano, though I don’t really know if anyone plays it hmm; perhaps on the weekends.

The piano
The piano

Went back a second time – and this time, we had, from left to right:

Fresh kiwi and calamansi with gin (I think? forgot :/) , fresh pear and lemon with rose flavoured gin, and fresh mango margarita. I loved my pear and lemon rose flavoured drink – it was light and with a hint of sweet and sour, and the chunks of fresh pear were definitely a plus.

Almost traffic light
Almost a traffic light

Drinks are on average $18-$22. Do also note that drinks are not served outdoors in order to not compromise on quality. Seating at the bar is limited so reservations are encouraged! Also, do try to drive, otherwise… the trek in/out is NOT fun.


5B Portsdown Road
#01-04 Wessex Estate

Tel: 6479 6911


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