Chihuly Lounge, The Ritz Singapore

Food counter by day, bar by night
Food counter by day, bar by night

First off, I must apologize for my long absence from posting on this blog. I have been rather busy, and – I have just graduated from university! Yay/oh no! Yes anyway it has been quite a busy last few months.

Okay anyway enough about me and on to the food.

The tea setting
The tea setting

So one fine Saturday about 2 months ago, a friend and I visited the Ritz Carlton for high tea as mum had some vouchers (yay, otherwise a poor student like me will find it hard to afford this).

The nice teapots :)
The nice teapots 🙂

I found that the food wasn’t extremely fantastic, but it was so nice to have a warm pot of tea over little tea candles and heart-shaped sugar cubes, lemon wedges and a little Hediard honey pot.


Ok clockwise from the bottom left corner (forgive me, I don’t think I remember the exact names):

Unagi Soba With Roe – Quite delicious and savoury, but nothing very special.

Portobello Mushroom and Feta Cheese Mini Burger – Portabello mushroom is always good, and it tasted quite nice with the cheese. A bit dry though.

Unagi and Quail Egg topped with Caviar – This was good! Nice combination of flavours.

Salmon Quiche – I kind of forgot what was in this, but it was kinda blah anyway.

Crabmeat Tart with Sundried Tomato – Ooh this was quite yummy; the crabmeat was creamy and had proper chunks of crabmeat in it, and the sundried tomato lent a little tart sweetness to it.

And more food
And more food

Again, clockwise from bottom left:

Fried Cheese Puff – Very nice! But then again, it’s fried cheese… a bit hard to go wrong!

Duck, Witlof and Cranberry Mini Burger – I didn’t really like this, the cranberry didn’t really go with the duck.

Potsticker – Kind of dry, think they kept it there a little too long?

Scallop and Leek Puff – Quite nice! The leek complemented the faint taste of scallop in the creamy filling and flaky but buttery smooth outer layer.

Can’t say they didn’t have variety! There were a few more things but didn’t take pictures of them because they were quite normal (chicken wings, fish fillet – kids’ food).

Omg so pretty!
Omg so pretty!

And on to desserts! Their desserts were SO super gorgeous! Unfortunately, they weren’t as nice as they looked – the cherry macaron was really sweet, the double layered thing was so-so, and the berry thing was too sour.

More pretty desserts
More pretty desserts

The berry cheesecake on the left was rather nice, the sour berries complementing the smooth cheesy cake. Behind it is a strawberry crumble of sorts…. pretty good! Crumbles and fruits with cream… generally are, mmm. The pistachio financier next to it was…. ho-hum, and the lychee cupcake was WAYYY too sweet!

Blueberry chantilly tart
Blueberry chantilly tart

This was probably the best out of all the little plates of dessert – light chantilly cream with blueberry paste in a crumbly graham biscuit-like tart.

The AWESOME waffle
The AWESOME waffle

Thankfully, to save the mediocre pre-prepared desserts, they had this SUPERBLY delicious strawberry flavoured waffle made fresh at a waffle counter, with your choice of premium ice cream and garnished with fresh fruit. Best waffle I ever had I think. I’m not usually a huge fan of waffles and ice cream because sometimes the waffle just tastes so soggy and doughy that I feel bleh about it, but this one… had a unique slight strawberry taste, was of the right springy texture with crisp corners, and with the premium ice cream and fresh fruits, was just perfect, to me.

So all in all, even though there were quite a number of misses/not-so-spectacular showings, I had a good time  in sampling the little platters of food and sipping tea on a nice comfy couch in a relaxed setting, with live music and warm but not too bright sunlight seeping into the room.

Can’t compare it to the other hotel ones because haven’t been to any others recently, but I’d say this wasn’t too bad at all. Worth spending a lazy weekend afternoon at. Will set one back about $45 per pax though, I think, so go only if you have a little extra cash to spare!


Chihuly Lounge, The Ritz Carlton, Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799
Tel: (65) 6337 8888


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