Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)

A new place opened up just nearby and we decided to check it out. Whenever I pass it while travelling down Bukit Timah Road, the lights pouring out of the entirely glass walls almost always manages to catch my attention. I hear the owner designed it to be like a beacon, which seems like an appropriate word to describe this quaint corner bistro.

Le Bistro

Let’s start with the food. I’d say it’s not too bad – simple and tasty; although, not really anything to shout about. I have to say though, my main course was rather interesting (and messy) to eat. But first things first.

Citrus Presse
Citrus Presse

Lime juice with mint (around $5, I think. I forget)… pretty nice with the blended ice and mint leaves, but it’s basically just lime juice with a more refreshing taste.

Rosemary and Mint Lamb Sticks
Rosemary and Mint Lamb Sticks

The Rosemary and Mint Lamb Sticks ($17)  made for a rather nice appetizer – the meat absorbed the flavourful sauce which was infused with rosemary, making it succulent and tasty. Couldn’t really taste the mint, though. A bit pricey I feel, for just two sticks of lamb.

Bouillabaisse of Red Snapper Pie
Bouillabaisse of Red Snapper Pie

I quite liked my main, the Bouillabaisse of Red Snapper ($25) – the puff pastry was crisp and a bit savoury, and upon tearing it open, revealed a piping hot bouillabaisse stew inside.

The inside

The stew was quite tasty and had a strong seafood taste to it, which I liked. It was a tad too watery though; thought it could do with a little more oomph and thickness. The garden vegetables inside were a nice touch, though. The fish was also fairly fresh, nice biteable texture and didn’t flake or become powdery when consumed, which I dislike in fish. Only problem was that this dish was ridiculously messy to eat!

My companion had the Chicken Pomodoro ($19), which he said was unremarkable.

Ambience was quite nice, was quiet and dimly lit (for the romantic feel I suppose), with jazz music playing in the background. However, it so happened that a huge dinner party came in while we were there, making the restaurant rather noisy. Service was okay at first, but they took an inordinate amount of time to bring the bill, and when they brought it – it was the wrong one. Perhaps it was because it was a busy Saturday night, I can forgive them this time.

The interior
The interior

All in all – quite a nice place, worth a try, but I probably won’t be going there regularly. Not too easy on the wallet, and not a wide variety of food options on the menu too. But I think I might like to try it in the day, though!………………………………….Tin Hill Wine Bar & Bistro
797 Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6463-3811


3 thoughts on “Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)

  1. the food is delicious. the service is good.
    you must try the fish and chips it’s scrumptuous.
    the place is cozy.

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