Flutes at the Fort

This is another back dated post – visited Flutes at the Fort about 2 months back and here is my review. Apologies about the rather blur pictures; was still using a point-and-shoot and there wasn’t much lighting, considering the place went for the dimly-lit-by-candle ambience/look.

Up on a hill

A pretty place. Quiet and posh, with a colonial feel (it was built in 1908, and used to be… the house of the fire chief back in the day, I hear?) Pricey though, but good for special occasions. Now, on to the food.

The Pan Fried Foie Gras (okay, I’ve actually kind of forgotten the price for everything, but I think this was… $20plus-$30, I will check) was done pretty well – it was melt-in-your-mouth as good foie gras should do, complemented by a nice warm fruit on top which helped to offset the savoury taste of the sauce and the liver, which resulted in an explosion of flavours on the palate.

Foie gras
Foie gras

The mains we had were the Roasted Black Cod with Teriyaki Sauce, Roasted Butternut Pumpkin & Wilted Tatsoi ($35) and the Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin ($39).

Black cod
Black cod

The accompanying garnishes and vegetables were very well matched to the meats, I feel; the cod came with some sweet potatoes and chye sim like vegetables which tasted great with the teriyaki sauce and the fresh and light taste of the fish, and the beef came with mashed potatoes, golden mushrooms and a small piece of marrow. The fish itself was tasty and pleasing to the mouth, separating easily into soft, tender pieces when sliced. The beef was pretty good as well, but not super fantastic or anything.

The beef
The beef

All in all, a rather pleasant and delicious meal. Pleasant for the good ambience and fairly decent service, as well as adding a nice touch by specially dressing up the dessert (Chocolate Fondant, $15, which was pretty good also – molten chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream I believe) for the birthday boy. And delicious, because well, the food was quite well done. Of course, good company as well.

The 'birthday cake'
The ‘birthday cake’

Nice, pleasant place, great for special occasions.


Flutes at the Fort

Fort Canning Park

23B Coleman Street

Tel: 6338 8770

Fax: Fax: 6338 8780

E-mail: flutes@flutes.com.sg


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