Le Viet at Upper East Coast

This is one of my favourite places for beef pho and sugarcane prawns. The other place I like, is the one at Sky Garden at Suntec. I just love pho – with the mint leaves, the lime squeezed into the soup, the pieces of chilli padi, and the raw beansprouts added – all the works.

Beef pho
Beef pho

At Le Viet, the beef is still mostly raw when it arrives (the way I like beef to be), and the beefballs were authentic and un-processed, which I also like. The soup is also flavourful without being too thick or salty. The Beef Pho can be ordered with just sliced beef, or with a mix of two things (sliced beef/tendon/beefballs), or all three (I ordered this one!). The price ranges from about $10-$15 per bowl, depending.

And the Sugarcane Prawns ($9, I believe), are so succulent and oily it feels rather sinful to be eating them. Processed prawns, like most places, but this one does not have the dry, fake taste which most do, with pathetic, skinny and dry sugarcane sticks which don’t yield any juice. And oh man, the juice from these sugarcane sticks is goood. It bursts in your mouth when you bite and suck on it; the juice sweet and savoury, having absorbed all that prawn-y goodness (and oil). Yum.

Sugarcane prawns
Sugarcane prawns

Worth a try if you live in the East!

Le Viet
903 East Coast Road
Singapore 459106
Tel: 6446 4567


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